If you are trying to improve your reading skills then these 6 useful apps and tools for better reading online can help. These tools are some of the best out there to help you dramatically speed up how fast you read and how well you comprehend the material.

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Many of us regard reading as a great joy. Some people, however, regard it as nothing but a nuisance. Picking up a book feels more like a chore than an enjoyment to them, for several and mostly diverse reasons. Luckily, YALSA publishes annual lists, featuring books that spark the flame of reading passion in reluctant young adults.

Take a look at these 6 ways which encourage kids to read and see how to apply them to your child. Every parent should read these very helpful tips that are guaranteed to help their kids want to read more and more each day.

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Harry Potter has been the first read for many young children, creating a whole new generation of avid readers. Do not lose the spark, check out these fantastic books that a Harry Potter lover will surely appreciate.

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Is it true? Is the printed book about to become extinct? Check out these facts and numbers and a list of advantages and disadvantages of both the printed book and the e-book!

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It’s been a long way from carved tablets to the pocket book and the still very young e-book format. Join Online-Spellcheck.com on a journey through the evolution of the book.

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These 5 online writing apps will help you to find more joy in the act of writing. Share your work, check it for readability, or create an interactive story. This and more is provided by the five web-based applications we present to you today!