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You already know what should be in a successful resume, but do you know the perfect words to express your skills, knowledge and background? Or the words you should avoid at all cost? Check out these cheat sheets for terms you should or should not use in your resume.

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Want to avoid sounding incompetent or uninformed in your business mail? Then check out these 10 terms and expressions. Avoiding them will make you not only sound smarter but overall more confident and reliable as well.

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Check out these great tips on avoiding getting fired. Find out what not to do to lose your job & the steps to take to get ahead, noticed and maybe even a promotion and raise.

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Don’t sweat over your job application. We have several writing tips that will make sure your application will be enticing and attractive. Then, all you have to do is the job interview. But don’t worry, we have some tips for you on this as well.

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Motivational letters become more and more important. But before you start writing one, you should know about the structure it should have. This way, you are less likely to forget to add anything. Check out our proposals here.

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Proper greeting is important when you are writing a business letter or email. Do not come off as too casual or too closed up by knowing when to use which salutation. We have gathered some possibilities and tips for you in this blog article.

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There is a recipe to writing the perfect professional biography. You have to have an objective, keep the audience in mind, portray your professional persona in the best light and ruthlessly edit the content to perfection.