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When is the right time to use ‘me’, ‘myself’, and ‘I’? If you are still confused about those three then you really need to read this short article.

The words awhile vs. a while often causes problems for many people. Since they both are so similar, a lot of us have issues deciding between both of them. This article has many tips showing how to tell them apart and when to use them properly.

The it’s vs. its – grammar rule explained in this article goes into detail about why so many people often mistake using one for the other. Find out the best way possible to help you avoid doing so and making sure you always choose the right one.

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Punctuation is an important and valuable part of our everyday writing. Here, we have gathered all our previously written articles about all kinds of punctuation marks, their proper usage and other rules that apply when using a comma, period, exclamation mark, apostrophe and more.

For those having trouble choosing between the words principle vs. principal and which to use, the following article explains them both. See how to easily tell these two similar sounding words apart, and how to choose the correct one each time.

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What do you use an exclamation point for? Because there is more to it than you may think at the first glance. Read more about grammar rules, overusing the punctuation mark and the inverted equivalent.

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The slash is a popular punctuation mark, especially in note taking, but frowned upon by many writers. Learn about the functions of the slash and why you should omit it in your final draft.