Everyday vs. Every Day Grammar Rule

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When it comes to grammar rules we use every day, there are many people confused about their everyday usage. Online Spellcheck explores the everyday vs. every day grammar rule to show which one to use correctly. Since everyday and every day have no difference in pronunciation, it makes it a lot harder for people to decide which of the two to use.







Understanding Everyday


Whenever you use the word everyday as a single word, it is an adjective. This means usual, normal, commonplace or suitable for used on ordinary days. Because it is an adjective, everyday ends up modifying a noun in the sentence it is used in. This means that you should always expect it to be used or appear near a noun or in front of it.




I love wearing these jeans for everyday use.

Never use an everyday outfit for special occasion events.

Worrying about everyday issues can lead to stress.

I want to be comfortable on my feet so I am going to wear my everyday sneakers.


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Understanding Every Day


Since using every day as two words means daily or each day, it is an adverbial phrase. That makes the word every an adjective while the second word, day, is a noun. Using them together allows them to function as an adverbial phrase. Based on that, the words every day do not have the same functions as everyday.




I want to lose weight so I am going to the gym every day.

I love eating cereal every day.

My boss wants me to work every day this week.

Since my surgery,  I feel much better every day.



Insert Each Day Instead


One of the easiest ways to remember when to use every day as opposed to the everyday is by replacing it with each day. Since both each day and every day are synonymous, you can insert it in the sentence to see if each day fits. If it does, and the sentence makes sense, then that is the correct one. However, if each day does not make sense, then everyday should be used.


As you can see from the examples below, inserting either every day or each day make sense in both of the sentences.


Eating greasy foods every day usually leads to obesity.

Eating greasy foods each day usually leads to obesity.


However, if you look at the examples below, you will notice the difference in trying to use everyday in this sentence.


My English teacher gives us homework every day.

My English Teacher gives us homework each day.

My English teacher gives us homework everyday.


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After reading the examples above, we are able to determine that the words every day and each day can both be used with no problems in the sentence. The word everyday, however, cannot. Just try to remember this rule each time you come across an instance where it is necessary to chose between the two.