As a creative writer, you understand that the quality of your sentences can make or break your work. Each sentence you write should be clear, engaging, and meaningful. But how can you achieve this level of excellence in your writing? In this article, we will share with you ten ways to write better sentences that will help you captivate your readers from the first word to the last!

If you imagine a character, you also imagine their eye color. You can use this in your writing to define your character – or lead your readers astray. We give an overview of what different eye colors mean, and how you can express them in different terms.

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There are four storytelling basics that every author should know about. Do YOU know them? Find out how you can make your stories even more appealing to your readers.

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Emotions and feelings are important, yet at times they are the hardest to express. Thus we have gathered some hints and tricks for you on how to portray emotions without sounding repetitive or too blatant.

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Reserve pillow time to write the best things you probably ever will. Here are all the reasons why you are so good at penning thoughts down in the middle of the night.