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The list of easily confused words is very long, but these are the ones that are the most often confused by people. Use this list to double check your next article and make sure that your writing looks professional, sharp, and correct! Don’t be confused about easily confused words any longer. Learn about words that are commonly misused, along with rules of when to use them.

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Best buddies

Written English contains many words that are easyly mixed up. This can lead to totally different menanings in a text. If you want to avoid painful misunderstandings, you should be aware of all these “false friends” around. Especially if you are using any transcription software you definitely should look out for them.

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It would be madness to remember every comma rule consciously. We instinctively “know the rules” . And we can just run a spell checker to correct whatever error comes up. The advantage using a web based tool is that these rules are maintained by a community that has committed to enhance and refine the rule sets. You can easily add your own rules to your online spell checker.

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