10 Phrases For Calling Someone Stupid In English

10 ways of saying stupid in the English language
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Every once in a while, you run into a person that is truly dumb or stupid. But using those exact words to tell them that or to describe them is not exactly politically  correct or proper. These 10 phrases for calling someone stupid in English can make it much easier for you to do so. It also opens up new ways in which you can insult someone without sounding as if you’re doing do.


Keep in mind that these are only expressions for fun or to be used in extreme circumstances. After all, calling someone an idiot, dumb or stupid is really not very nice at all. No matter what phrase or words you use to say it in.


A Few Cards Short Of A Full Deck –


Everyone knows that in order for you to be able to play any game of cards, you need a full deck. After all, without it, there is a limit to how well you can actually play a card game. Or if you can play it at all. That may explain why referring to someone as having ‘a few cards short of a full deck‘ is a nice way of telling them they are stupid.


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Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed! –


Having a tool shed is very important because it means, that when the time calls for it, you will find one that you need to do the job. But when you have a tool that is not the sharpest in the shed, it is another story. This is a subtle way of speaking about a person who is not too bright or just plain stupid.


As Smart As Bait –


No one wants to be bait for any kind of reason. Specially when it refers to your mental intellect. When someone is referred to as not being as “Smart as bait” it means that they are dumb. After all, bait usually ends up being used and abused.


The Light Is On But Nobody’s Home –


You only leave your light on in your house whenever you are trying to convince burglars someone is home. Otherwise, it is simply a waste of energy and serves no purpose. That may explain why the “Light is on but nobody’s home” expression means that someone is kind of mentally slow.


A Few Beers Short Of A Six-pack –


You will never find anyone who wants to buy a six pack missing some beers. In the same manner, when a person has a few beers short of a six-pack, it means they are an idiot.


There’s A Village Missing Its Idiot –


No one wants to be the village idiot. That may explain why no one will also want to be described as the idiot who is missing from a village either. Yet this is another unflattering way to refer to a person who’s got a hole in his or her bag of marbles.


One Fry Short Of A Happy Meal –


Happy meals are meant to be just that, happy. But when you have a happy meal with missing fries, it is not a good thing. The same goes for a person who is ‘one fry short of a happy meal.’  When you run into a person whose brain is not full, this is a way to refer to them.


Couple Of Quarters Short Of A Roll –


If you ever been to the bank to exchange a roll of a quarters or to get one, you know the importance of that roll being complete. Without all the quarters there, no one will take the roll. This may explain why when a person is alluded to being a ‘couple of quarters short of a roll,’ it means they are dumb or ignorant.


The Elevator Doesn’t Go To The Top Floor –


No use for an elevator that doesn’t go to the top floor. So when you are referred to as the person’s whose elevator doesn’t make it to the top, be warned. You have just been called stupid in the slickest way.


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Missing A Few Buttons On His/Her Remote Control –


For people who want to control their Television or electronic gadget, the remote control is the most important thing. But what if your remote control has a few buttons missing? Well chances are that you won’t really want to use it unless you have to. Avoid being identified as someone who is ‘missing a few buttons on his or her remote control.’ It is the ultimate – albeit nice way – of telling you that you are stupid!