If you have trouble telling the words add vs. ad apart and which one to use properly, then this guide can help. See how to be able to tell the two almost identical words apart easily and quickly.

The pair of apart and a part is easily confused in the English language. While they sound almost the same, they have very different meanings. Find out how to use the correct version when writing with the help of the different meanings and more useful tricks!

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Is it gray or gray? It’s one of the most common questions with regard to misspelling, thus it’s time we give you some answers. Spoiler alert: neither variant is wrong!

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Is autocorrect really that bad? we say: no! Our “little brother” deserves someone standing up for him, and this is exactly what we will do in this article. We say: autocorrect does more good than bad—but nobody talks about it.

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Sometimes, there are different ways of spelling a word in English. But in many cases, there is only one valid spelling for a word, resulting in a misspelled word if violated. The spelling of words can easily be learned, yet there are still cases where we are just confused. Find out about the most common causes of misspellings here.