For those wondering what the top 10 languages in the world are, this list containing them will reveal it. You will not only be surprised to see which one is number one, but also about those that made the list, and those that did not.

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Sociolinguists have studied the difference in languages across several social classes before focusing on language and gender. Some of the findings are listed here, showing that men and women indeed talk differently. The reason why this is the case is talked about briefly as well.

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Metaphors and idioms are used to describe a situation or person and create a mental image in the listener’s head. Yet, there is a difference between those two! Find this and examples for both in this article.

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There are differences between men and women with regard to language, but what are these differences? We have a look at the contrasts that have been found in the speech of male and female speakers in the past.

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When to us in- and when to use un- is a difficult question for nonnatives of English and native speakers alike. Find out more about the distribution of these prefixes!