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Asking people out of the blue to do a favor for you rarely ends up well. Guess what? It’s the same thing with cold mailing. Not everyone is keen to do whatever random email is telling them to do. So, how do you overcome this? Is there a way for cold emailing to work?

Don’t send out another message before reading these 11 tips for writing emails correctly. See why they are so important and how ignoring them may end up costing you some friendships or even your job.

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Want to avoid sounding incompetent or uninformed in your business mail? Then check out these 10 terms and expressions. Avoiding them will make you not only sound smarter but overall more confident and reliable as well.

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Proper greeting is important when you are writing a business letter or email. Do not come off as too casual or too closed up by knowing when to use which salutation. We have gathered some possibilities and tips for you in this blog article.