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Is it gray or gray? It’s one of the most common questions with regard to misspelling, thus it’s time we give you some answers. Spoiler alert: neither variant is wrong!

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How to properly use thou, thee, thy, and thine? We have the answers. No matter if Shakespeare or clever memes, you will be prepared!

Words that sound exactly the same but have completely different meanings, they can turn out to be a real mess when writing. Worse, those words that are pronounced equally and mean different things also are spelled in a different way. Let’s have a deeper look at the differences betwen “there”, “their” and “they’re”.

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Regardless of the excuse you’ve used in the past for not using an online spell checker, it’s time to get past it. Spelling really does matter and you need to use an online spell checker to be sure you’re presenting yourself in the best possible light, no matter what you’re writing.

Software spelling rules

I really can’t think of any reason why an adult should get into the effort of memorizing rules with tons of exceptions. Either you know how something is spelled or you use some software to do the job. Learning spelling rules is completely meaningless for anyone who is not in the need to prevent early Alzheimer.