Why You Should Use an Online Spell Checker

To many people, spelling things correctly seems to signify the “olden days”.  They may also believe that proper spelling matters all that much. Because of that, they don’t know why they should use an online spell checker. But if you’re not using a spell checker, you should be. Here’s why.

Spelling Still Matters

Like it or not, spelling matters. Whether you’re trying to get a job, submit something online, or just writing an email to someone you want to impress, having misspelled words is going to hurt you.

When someone sees a misspelled word in your writing, they will think one of these things:

  • You don’t know better – If you’re
    use an online spell checker
    photo by Eli Christman

    taking the time to write something, you want the reader to actually pay attention to it, right? If you show them you don’t know how to spell, they won’t take the rest of your ideas seriously.

  • You don’t care – If the reader gets the impression that you actually don’t care if you spell anything correctly, why should they care about the rest of what you’re writing?
  • You can’t be bothered – Some people believe that spelling doesn’t matter because they know that “everyone” uses a spell check program and nobody really knows how to spell, so it doesn’t matter. Again, if you show the reader that you can’t even be bothered to use a simple spell check program, why should they be bothered to read what you wrote? Spelling matters.

Regardless of the reason for your misspellings, none of those impressions you are giving out are good ones. Use an online spell checker and don’t risk it.

This is an even bigger problem for kids who are growing up today with social media. A lot of people change the way words are spelled to either make them shorter, so they will fit in the character requirements, or just because it makes them “cool”. However, at some point, these bad habits are really going to cause a problem, probably about the time those kids grow up and want to get a job. Then they’ll begin to understand that spelling matters and they should use an online spell checker.

You Can’t Catch Everything

Some people don’t use a spell checker because they are sure that their eagle eyes will catch everything. However, if you have spent several hours working on something, going over and over the words on the page, you eventually lose track of the details because you’re tired of looking at it.

Chances are that if you missed a misspelled word the first time through, you’re going to miss it the second, third and fourth times as well. If you use an online spell checker, it won’t get missed.

You Already Know How to Spell (or So You Think)

Other people don’t use a spell checker because they are 100% positive that they KNOW how to spell. But what you need to know is that you probably don’t know… what you don’t know. Did you get 100% on EVERY SINGLE spelling test you had through school? Do you still remember how to spell every single word that was on those tests? It’s not likely. Chances are that there are dozens of words you’ve been spelling wrong most of your life, but you just don’t know it.


Regardless of the excuse you’ve used in the past for not using an online spell checker, it’s time to get past it. Spelling really does matter and you need to use an online spell checker to be sure you’re presenting yourself in the best possible light, no matter what you’re writing.