As a creative writer, you understand that the quality of your sentences can make or break your work. Each sentence you write should be clear, engaging, and meaningful. But how can you achieve this level of excellence in your writing? In this article, we will share with you ten ways to write better sentences that will help you captivate your readers from the first word to the last!

What is stream of consciousness writing? How to implement it in your own writing? What are the characteristics of the novel written with this technique? This article will give you the answers to all of these questions!

If you imagine a character, you also imagine their eye color. You can use this in your writing to define your character – or lead your readers astray. We give an overview of what different eye colors mean, and how you can express them in different terms.

When you have all the time in the world to yourself, what can you do to pass the time? Writing is the answer. But to make sure you can use the time in a productive manner, follow these suggestions.

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It’s easy to make one or more mistakes as you’re writing a business document. Too many people are rushed by their employers to draft proposals and reports without a second to spare. If this sounds like you, better learn some of these common business writing mistakes so you can stay clear from them even when you’re in a rush.

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Understanding these five common grammar mistakes will help you improve yourself as a writer. Go and look if you often made these mistakes.

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So, you want to write a nonfiction now, huh? Well, you better follow these steps if you want to get it out on the bookshelves anytime soon. There’s no magic here, just common sense stuff.