Popular Copywriting Formulas To Get You Started

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For many writers, following a certain formula help them greatly in writing. The formulas act as a structure to pour their ideas into. That is not only great for readability but also for churning out good-quality content on tight deadlines. Things get a lot easier when you have a pattern to follow.


Many writers love the following popular formulas and frameworks. If you’re into writing, you will love them too.



AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It’s a popular framework for both marketers and copywriters because it’s a proven formula that gets results.


First, you grab the readers’ attention using a headline, image, or a video. Then you arouse their interest straight from the first paragraph. Make it short and simple so people who are in a hurry can grasp your ideas in seconds.


After you get the readers interested in reading more, smack them with the benefits of your product, service, or whatever it is you’re offering. Once you get all three clear, put a clear and concise call to action to get the readers to do what you want them to do.


1-2-3-4 Framework

This framework is popular among bloggers. It’s a simple four-step framework that gets you going in no time.


The first step of the formula is telling your readers what is the valuable thing you have for them. After that, ask yourself, what is that thing going to do for them. Talk about all the benefits for the readers for trusting what you have to say, buying your product, subscribing to your newsletter, or acting upon the information you’re about to give.


Next, answers this question: Who am I?


Why should the readers trust you? After all, there are literally thousands of writers out there claiming to be THE expert of something. Show your credibility and let people know that you’re a trustworthy entity. Don’t forget to double check your writing for common grammar mistakes. Those things can ruin your credibility in a flash.


Finally, tell the readers what they need to do next. Don’t leave them hanging. Just like the final step in AIDA, you must tell your readers what you want from them. Do you want them to click on a link, hit the subscribe button, or what? Be as specific and straightforward as possible.



PAS is short for Problem, Agitate, and Solution. It’s an alternative copywriting formula that many find simple and yet more reliable to get results.


First, you bring up the problem that needs to be solved. Then you agitate the readers by describing all the emotional aspects related to the problem. After that, offer your solution that will bring peace to the world or at least solve the problem you describe in the first place.


Writers often use the PAS formula to write advertising. However, it is also applicable when you’re writing about an issue that needs to be solved quickly. Any kind of campaigns, offline or online, often benefit from following this formula.


Of course, not a single copywriting formula here is suppose to be a one-size-fit-all solution.  Just pick the one that suits your needs best. Mix them up if you want.