23 Baby Names That Are Banned Around The World

List of names you cannot name your child
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One of the most beautiful things in life is bringing a baby into the world. After all, it is what makes sure that humanity continues moving forward. Having a baby also means that parents have to come up with an idea of what to name him or her. Here in America, you can pretty much name your baby just about anything you want. There are some states however, that do not allow certain names. New Jersey for example, prohibits names that include symbols, numbers or obscenities. That means that names such as Adolf Hitler are totally allowed. But in many places globally it is another story.


Below are 23 baby names that are outlawed around the world. If you find yourself in one of these countries, be sure to avoid having a baby there. Still, if you must, then stay clear of naming your newborn child any of the following baby names. Doing so can get you and your baby, in big trouble.


Osama Bin Laden –

The name Osama Bin Laden will be forever infamous due to its connection to the 9/11 terrorist attack. That still did not stop a couple from feeling inspired enough to want to name their baby Osama Bin Laden. The Turkish couple was living in Cologne, Germany when they tried to name their child OBL. However, German authorities immediately took issue with the name and outawed it. They cited a section in their laws of name guidelines to do so.

In those baby naming guidelines, it states that “all names must not be likely to lead to humiliation.” In addition, the couple was foreign, and in Germany, there is also a law prohibiting names that are illegal in the parent’s’ home country. In this case, Osama Bin Laden is illegal in Turkey as well.


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Robocop –

So the movie Robocop was a smash Hollywood hit. But if you’re in Mexico, Robocop is something you will not be able to name your child after. The registry from Sonora, Mexico was compiled recently to contain a list of all names prohibited in the country. Robocop, was one of them.


Adolf Hitler –

Although not illegal in the United States and other countries, the Adolf Hitler identity is not allowed in a few others. The name Adolf Hitler is not actually banned in Germany. However, the law there does prohibit someone from naming their child after something that will cause them humiliation.


Tom –

In America, and in many countries around the world, the name tom is widely used and loved. However, if you’re in Portugal, you cannot name your baby Tom. While the name Tomas is allowed, the shorter version – Tom – is not. The Portuguese government believes that parents should name their kids names that have tradition and culture. Since Tom is considered an abbreviation in Portugal, it is therefore banned. Sorry Tom Cruise!


Alice –

The name Alice is quite popular in the USA and many other countries around the world. But if you find yourself in Saudi Arabia, then you cannot name your child Alice.


Nutella –

We all love the hazelnut chocolate spread Nutella. Some may enjoy it so much that they could may want to actually name their child after it. But in France, a judge stopped a couple from naming their daughter Nutella. The judge felt as though the name could eventually lead to “disobliging and mockery remarks.” The parents were allowed to use the shorter “Ella” version though.


@ –

So you want to name your child after the famous @ symbol? Yet the reality is that in most countries such as China, numerals and symbols are not allowed. They also cannot be included in the baby names either.


Metallica –

The heavy metal band has a lot of followers around the world. One couple in Sweden even named their daughter after them. However, tax officials did not agree with them and deemed the name inappropriate.


Linda –

The name Linda literally means ‘pretty’ in Latin. The name is also very popular throughout the world. But if you live in Saudi Arabia or are visiting and giving birth to a child while there, Linda is not allowed. The Saudi Arabian government feels that the name Linda – among several others – is all associated with Western culture.


Strawberry –

France once again stopped a couple from naming their child Fraise (Strawberry) recently. While the parents were crazy about the Strawberry spread, the judge did not agree. In his mind, the name would only lead to mockery and ridicule.


Akuna – Devil –

In Japanese, the word for ‘Devil’ is Akuna. When a couple decided to name their baby Akuna, it led to a  frenzy of controversy among the citizens. Even though the Justice Minister in Japan did not agree that the government should be telling parents what to name their child, it was banned anyway.


Sarah –

The name Sarah has a beautiful hit song named after it in the United States. It is also widely used globally. But if you make your way to Morocco, the name Sarah is not allowed. The moroccan government banned the name Sarah since it considered Hebrew spelling.


Anal –

Some parents may have no problem with naming their child Anal. In some countries, you can actually do so. Unfortunately, if you’re in New Zealand, you will need to find another moniker to name your child. Officials there deem the name Anal to be too wacky.


Facebook –

Sure, we all love Facebook because the social media platform allows us to connect with friends and family all around the world. But if you’re in Mexico, Facebook is not a name that you will be allowed to name your child after. A couple there was recently rejected when they tried to name their child Facebook.


Lady Di –

Princess Diana is widely loved and remembered all over the world. She is also known as ‘Lady Di’ to those that love her. Yet that short version or variation is not allowed in Sonora, Mexico. Neither is circumcision, Traffic or Terminator by the way.


Monkey –

It may well be that you love monkeys and because of that, you want to name your child that way. But in Denmark, when a couple tried to do so, they were struck down. The name Monkey is banned in that country, along with 7,000 others. Nonetheless, if you want to go ahead and still name your child one of those names, you can apply and pay a fee. In any case, you can still get rejected though.


Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii –

Believe it or not, someone in New Zealand actually named their child “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.” However, the New Zealand government was none too happy with the long  and inappropriate name. They not only decided that the name was not right, they even went as far as assuming guardianship of the 9 year old girl.


Gesher – Bridge –

A woman in Norway said she had a dream and was prompted in that dream, to name her child Gesher (Bridge). Gesher is the Hebrew word for bridge. Still, the Norwegian government did not agree and banned the name. The mother was also jailed for refusing to pay a $420 fine for using the name.


Harriet –

You  can find millions of children named Harriet throughout the world. But if you live in Iceland, that is not a moniker you can name your child. Although the name is not on the National Register list, parents can apply for government approval by paying a fee. The problem with the name Harriet is due to it not being able to conform to the language’s alphabet grammatically.


Chow Tow – Smelly Head –

A few parents in Malaysia wanted to name their children Chow Tow (Smelly Head). But the government was none too pleased and banned the name altogether. They felt that parents were allowing their children to be subjected to bullying in the future.


Sex Fruit –

If you love fruits and sex, you may be tempted to name your child ‘Sex Fruit.’ If you’re in New Zealand though, that is not a name that is allowed. The government felt that having a child go through life with the name Sex Fruit would only lead to humiliation and grief for them.


James Bond –

For decades, the James Bond movie series has had legions of followers. We can probably find millions of boys named James because of the those films. We may even find a few named James Bond entirely. But in Mexico, the name James Bond is not allowed. Mexico has a long list of names that they have banned. James Bond, is one of them.


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Chief Maximus –

To those that love the Hollywood blockbuster movies Transformers, the name Maximus is awesome. Adding ‘Chief’ to the front makes it even more amazing. However, if you find yourself in New Zealand, and about to have a baby, steer clear of the name Chief Maximus. It is another moniker in the long list of names banned in that country.