Why Writing At Night Helps

Image by Ramiro Ramirez http://bit.ly/1DvgZ4n
Image by Ramiro Ramirez http://bit.ly/1DvgZ4n

Like most writers who start out, writing is always an all day event. There is no magic hour brought down by any of the writers. But as you grow and struggle to inspire yourself, you will find a pattern to your creative musings. One of the most commonly noticed is when you are headed for the bed and ideas start popping in your head that simply must be jot down.

The problem, however, here is this; even though you are devoting so much to writing, you can easily lose track of how many pages you really wrote and then how many of them were actually of any good use. A writer can crank up pages and pages of writing but not always end up with great pages of writing.

Clear Your Head Out

A lot of freelancers, writers and bloggers opt to write in late night hours. But mostly everyone agrees that the only way they find late night writings to be of quality because it was the events of morning, noon and night time that stacked up to inspire them.

Feel The Silence

As daunting to half and weird to the others, this phrase may sound it is actually very true. Writers and poets have a way of building a very loud and bright world in their head if you give them enough room for it. Silence can do that. Late at night, when the whole world is quiet, it is the perfect time for a writer to access all their creative ideas and thoughts.

There are No Distractions In The Middle Of The Night

Writing at night is effective for precious content because there are no distractions during this time. Some even say the best time to write is late night on an empty stomach because your head is clear then too. Your family is asleep, nobody needs to look after the kids and nighttime is the only time in the 24 hour time that you are scot free of responsibilities. So make yourself some coffee and get started.

When You Are Not Thinking About It, Is The Only Time It Will Come To You

This is true for human nature. Think about it; every time you hit the sack, your brain automatically reminds you of the ten things that you forgot to do that day. The same it is with brainstorming for ideas of a narrative.

Once you are done writing the first draft, get yourself the sleep you deserve. Then next morning, send your work in for spell checking and get an error free final copy for yourself.