6 Useful Apps and Tools For Better Reading Online

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There are so many great things about the internet to appreciate and make use of; especially when it comes to learning. The web is a wonderful tool which allows people to acquire and use all kinds of information. Years ago, most people looking for any kind of info on subjects or topics they wanted to know more about, had to read books, magazines or newspaper articles. Now, with the web, that has all changed completely.


These 6 useful apps and tools for a better reading online experience are essential for every student. They are also useful for people who simply want to take advantage of all the wonderful information the internet has to offer them. Truth is that the with so much data available on apps and websites, the only problem we may have is finding the time and space for our brains to handle it. The world wide web is an universal library or encyclopedia with millions of books and articles for you to read. Below, these tools and apps can make managing and using them a lot easier. It can also lead to a better online reading experience.


Pocket –

Finding articles to read online is never a problem. The real issue is actually finding time to read them. In many instances, most of us come accross an article that we may want to read. However, for one reason or another, we may not be able to read them right then and there. Perhaps we found the article while at work or when searching for something else. That’s when Pocket comes in to save the day. Pocket is a platform that allows you to save any article you may run into and save it for later. Pocket only stores the hand picked articles you have saved for reading at another time. This means that you simply see something you like, and save it for when you are ready to read it or have the time do so.


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Rewordify –

For students who need to improve their reading comprehension, Rewordify is a site that delivers. This free online tool allows users to import or paste text into a text box. If there are text, phrases or words which may be difficult to understand, Rewordify would simplify them by replacing them. The result is that all the problematic and hard to understand words, are now re-worded in simpler terms. Best of all, users can choose from various reading levels in the settings.


Feedly –

Feedly is considered one of the most coolest and greatest RSS reader on the web. You simply pick all of your websites you choose to follow, and Feedly will continuously update your feed with their latest articles. For those that love sites such as Tumblr blogs, YouTube shows and podcasts, Feedly lets you follow them as well. The user interface is easy to use and lets you organize your content in a snap.  


Snap&Read Universal –

The Snap&Read Universal website is a Google Chrome extension tool that was created for both teachers and students. This great tool reads language aloud to make learning that much easier. Snap&Read Universal uses integrated text to speech. It is also able to read text from Flash-based sites. In many cases, most of this content cannot be pasted or copied so that makes it very useful. The Snap&Read Universal does the reading with synchronized highlighting. In addition, a level for text tool is available for users to choose depending on their preferences.


Readism –

For those that may be feeling as they are spending way too much time reading online, then Readism is for them. Perhaps you just may want to know how long you spend reading online too. The Readism tool allows you to calculate more or less how much time you may need to read an article. This is also a Google Chrome extension which has a small time indicator at the bottom. Each time you open an article, that timer lets you know how much time you may take reading it. You can easily customize it for when you want the pop up timer to appear as well as the length and size of it.


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Spritz –

Most people who spend a lot of time reading often wish they could read much faster. If that is the case for you, then Spritz is the perfect tool to help you in that department. This awesome speed reading tool uses technology that allows you to dramatically increase the speed in your reading. By presenting the text in layouts, users are able to quickly and faster read one word at a time. The methodology behind Spritz is the “Optimal Recognition Point” (OPR). This is based on the premise that our brains begin to process the meaning of a word as it searches for the OPR.