6 Ways Which Encourage Kids To Read

6 Ways Which Encourage Kids To Read - Online Spellcheck
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Every parent, teacher or those that work with children should be galvanizing and instilling the importance of reading to kids. If your child does not show an enthusiasm in reading, these 6 ways which encourage kids to read are very useful and can help you. Using them will show you what you should do to get your child engrossed in reading.




Why Reading Is So Important

A famous quote by George R.R. Martin, the author of the widely popular books and TV series “Game of Thrones” says “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” This quote epitomizes just how important it is for everyone, especially children, to show interest in reading early. Another great reason for people to read is the how much it helps readers learn to read and spell properly. Reading also assists with stress reduction, mental stimulation, and increases knowledge and vocabulary expansion. Plus, there are many other important and beneficial reasons to encourage your child to read. Here are some of the best ways to do get your kids to pick up a book and begin to embark on a ride with no boundaries.


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Read Aloud Early

Some parents begin reading aloud to their children before they are even born. In fact, some experts recommend speaking and reading to your children as early as possible. In addition, research suggests that babies can absorb knowledge and language inside their parent’s womb. Some as early as 10 weeks of life. Once the child is born, continue to read to them aloud which will help them fall in love with the stories and authors. With each book or story you read to your child, he or she will begin to expand their imagination and interest. Children are more apt to understand words heard better than those written. As a result, they will comprehend and enjoy each book more.


Read Books In Front Of Them

We are all too familiar with the adage “Do as I say, not as I do”. However, kids have a tendency to do just the reverse and pay more attention to what we do, rather than what we say. Very seldom, will children not do what they see others doing; especially their parents. Doing something by example is by far one of the best ways to encourage children to follow in your footsteps. Telling a child that “Reading is very important” is simply not enough. Instead, read books in front of them and let them see you indulge in your story as you read it. Their curiosity will soon make them wonder what it is you find so interesting in the book. Once they begin to show interest, you can tell them about your favorite books, author and so on.


Let Them Choose

Children love to be in control (or at least think that they are). As a result, independence in reading is very important as far as getting your child interested in reading. While you may be tempted to want to curb or control whatever books they pick out, don’t. Granted, you will not let them choose anything which is inappropriate, of course. Still, letting kids choose their own books will open up a plethora of choices and expand their mental libraries. Whether it may be comic books, baseball cards, or funny magazines, once the child begins to read, he or she will continue to want to do it more often.


Connect Books With Activities

One way to help encourage and build interest in your child’s reading is by pairing books with activities. Kids love to use their hands and build or create things. Reading a book about dragons, cars or animals can serve as a backdrop to something else. Use props like cardboard, crayons and playdough to get them to create the things which they see and read about. Their imagination can run vividly and wildly as they create via drawings,sculpting or building, what they envision in their minds from reading.


Visit Libraries

Reading just one book can end up opening the door for a reader and be the catalyst which causes them to plunge into a reading frenzy. Since libraries have so many different books to choose from, perhaps your child may see one there that will catch their eye or interest. With the advent of websites, you can even visit libraries with your child online. Whatever approach you use, allowing the child to see so many books in once place can be the gateway which may open up the floodgates to for a first time reader.



Use Funny Voices

Being able to use funny voices when reading to your child can vastly spark an interest in them. They will  want you to read to them, again and again. Kids love being read to and enjoy hearing a story told or read aloud in different voices. You can go with a ‘whisper’ to a ‘raspy’ voice character each time you read. Create ‘voice cards’ and let your child choose in what tone or funny voice he or she wants the book read in. Getting a child to interested in reading comes first by them hearing. And hearing someone read to them in funny voices is a great way to start that.


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These are just some of the many ways to get your child interested or encouraged into reading. The beginning of anything we do, starts somewhere. Whichever method you choose, try it and move on to another if that one does not seem to work.  In the end, getting your child to read or interested in reading is one of the most important things he or she can ever do as it pertains to their future.