Tips for Helping Your Child Be a Better Writer

Tips for Helping Your Child Be a Better Writer - Online Spellcheck
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Every parent wants his or her child to have great writing skills and be a better writer. This is because everyone knows the importance and advantages of being able to both read and write well. These tips for helping your child be a better writer from Online Spellecheck can vastly improve your child’s chances of achieving that. Nevertheless, every parent should be aware that since every situation at home varies, so will the learning process. Some children are fast learners and develop their writing skills early. Other children actually regress at times and have a harder time developing their reading and writing skills. It is important to continue to help and encourage your child during this process.  


Getting Your Child to Love Reading


Like all things in life, if you do not love something, chances are you will not really want to do it as often. This rule applies to reading and writing since both go hand in hand. This means that getting your child to love reading early is imperative to help develop a love for writing as well. Reading to your child early is crucial since it will help encourage them to want to read themselves. Keep in mind that your child will learn a lot from school since they spend most of their day there. Get and stay involved in whatever reading programs their schools may have and ask their teachers what you can do to help. Show interest in your child’s activities and ideas, thoughts and stories they share with you. Encouraging and complimenting them can go a long way to making them want to continue to read and write more often. Displaying their works, paintings, stories or drawings is another way to help promote and embolden them. Children love when you display their works and what they have done. Doing this helps keep them motivated and interested in continuing to progress each day.


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Advancing A Child’s Skills


Once their penchant for reading is built then you can concentrate on developing their writing skills. You should provide your child with writing materials and a place where they can work on their creative writing. Be sure this place you set up is away from the TV and other devices which can break or impede their concentration. Materials such as an age appropriate dictionary and thesaurus, pens, pencils and erasers are essential. Be sure to also provide a desk and a desk lamp. If possible, having a bookshelf where they can keep all of their books and to inspire them to continue reading and writing is recommended as well.  


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A journal or notebook are also a great way to get them to put their thoughts on paper. This can help evolve both their curiosity and creativity. Encourage them to write about their surroundings, things they see and experience daily. As their imagination grows, so will their need to learn new words to express those thoughts on paper. Playing word games with your child is also a great way to incorporate writing and reading activities. When kids see their parents or adults playing word games, they too will want to participate and learn to play along. Games such as Scrabble and Magnetic poetry are extremely useful for advancing their vocabulary and spelling.


Be a Role Model & Teacher


If your child sees you reading and writing, they too will want to emulate you since you can be their most important role model and teacher. The what you do is just as important as what you say to your child. Let them see you  write letters to businesses or friends and family as well other activities which involve your reading or writing. Many kids will be reluctant to write so you must be patient with them. However, once they begin to see the importance of being able to say what you feel or imagine and write about it, they will start to want to do it more often.