Reasons Why Grammar and Spelling Matters

Reasons Why Grammar and Spelling Matters
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With the vast majority of people using smartphones, tablets or computers which have auto-correct and auto-spell, there are many who neglect spelling and grammar. However, recent polls have shown there are still numerous reasons why grammar and spelling matters; especially to employers. The fact is that the new ‘Texting generation” springing forth has been gradually losing ground when it comes to proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.


The Texting Generation

Acronyms and abbreviations are very common and rampant with today’s youth and young adults. In their quest to get their point across faster, many people use words like “C u soon” and “WAN2TLK” instead of See you soon or Want to talk. The problem with using these texting shortcuts is that most people end up getting too used to the spelling shortcuts and thus forgetting or never learning the proper spelling of several words.

Employees are now looking at the social media accounts of those applying for work to judge them on their grammatical skills or lack thereof as well as character and other criteria.
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Don’t Always Rely on Auto-Correct

Too many people rely on the technology from their phones and electronic gadgets for spelling. This can end up tripping the masses since even auto-correct features can sometimes have problems distinguishing the differences in problematic words. Most of us have had trouble with the troublesome duo of ‘it’s and ‘its’ or “Your” and “You’re”. So if you do not really know the differences between such troublesome words, chances are you will not notice when your phone or computer wrongly auto-corrects you.


Avoid Lazy English Patterns

Sadly enough, it is native Americans who are more likely to fall into the adaptation of using lazy English. On the other hand, those who learn English as a second language are more likely to follow the correct spelling rules. Even search engines frown on those who would dare publish articles filled with grammatical errors by punishing them. Sites like Google will bury and even refuse to index content on websites whose articles are not properly spelled and punctuated. Indexing is extremely important to websites because it means letting the articles show up on major search engine results which is a major source of traffic.


If you are planning on writing your resume or a letter to an employee, be sure that your spelling is correct and professional. Grammar tells an awful lot about you to a company, more so, depending on the job or position you are applying for. So while it is cool to be hip and be know all the latest acronyms and texting shortcuts, remember the reasons why grammar and spelling matters so much next time you post or write something.