Writing Games for Kids

In most cases, if a child learns to love something when they are younger, that love will stay with them as they move into adulthood. To follow that logic as it relates to reading and writing, the best way to develop future writers is to introduce the fun of writing when your children are young.  Here are some writing games for kids to make it fun for them.

writing games for kids
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When writing is something that is fun, they will come to love it.


It is more of a challenge today than in the past because of the technology that is now available. While kids today can spend hours texting, emailing and sending notes back and forth on social media, it’s like pulling teeth to get them to sit down and write something that is longer than a few sentences. However, when they are adults, it could be very important for them to have the ability to write well.  If they learn to love writing as a child, they will be ahead of the game as adults when it comes time to write reports and proposals for work, write letters to resolve problems, and submit applications.


Writing Games for Kids


Telephone on Paper


One of the best writing games for kids is based on the “telephone” game you likely played as a child.


In this one put a group of kids in a line and have the first child write a sentence.  That child will then fold up his paper and pass it to the next child. The 2nd child will then read the sentence and re-write it, but they will change one of the words.  Each child in the line will receive a new piece of paper on it with a single sentence.  They will then rewrite the sentence and change one word.


At the end of the game, you can all read the original sentence, and then the final sentence and see how the meaning of the sentence changed each time, based on a single word.


Add a Sentence


Number two on our list of writing games for kids is to have them write a story, one sentence at a time.  The first child will start the story with a sentence and pass the paper to the next person.  The next kid will write the second sentence of the story. The third will write the third, and so one.


When the story is complete, have one of the children read the entire story aloud and enjoy the resulting laughs that are sure to be a part of it.


Write With a Purpose


This is a great item on the list of writing games for kids that can help them transition from “fun” games, to “real” writing. Your kids are likely to frequently come across things that they “must have”. Instead of having to continue to listen to them talk about it, turn it into an opportunity for them to practice their writing.


Have them present their case to you in writing. This should include a description of what they want, why they want it and why they think they deserve it.  This can also apply if they want to go somewhere or anything else they try to talk you into.


Of course, since this will be a document that is intended to be persuasive, part of the exercise should be to have them use an online spell checker to make sure their spelling and basic grammar is correct. In the real world, submitting a resume, an application or even a letter of complaint that contains typos will likely have their document instantly tossed into the shred bin. Making them use a spell checker is a great habit to start. If they understand the importance of good spelling as a child, it will be a tremendous benefit to them as an adult.