6 Types Of People You Should Avoid At Your Job

6 Types Of People You Should Avoid At Your Job - Online Spellcheck
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Most of people spend more time at the office or work environment than they do at home. With that in mind, the work place needs to be a place where we feel comfortable and at ease. However, there are folks we work with which can sometimes make things difficult for us. If you haven’t run into those people, then you are lucky. Still, it doesn’t mean you won’t or that they are not there. Fact is that there are 6 types of people you should avoid at your job at all cost. They can make things not only difficult for you, but even get you fired. These kind of colleagues have what is known as toxic personalities, negative attitudes and destructive behavior.



The Party Animal –


Sure, everyone loves a party animal at a party or gatherings. They usually liven up the place with their raucous and crazy behaviour. Even in Hollywood movies or TV shows, party animal characters are easy to love. However, when it comes to work, the party animal can easily and quickly damage your reputation. Although they may be really fun to hang out with, party animal types are prone to letting info and personal issues slip every so often. For anyone trying to make a name for themselves in an office, these people can end up giving you a bad and negative reputation quickly.


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The Bully –


Everyone hates a bully (well, most of us, at least). Many work environments usually contain a person who loves to humiliate and be abusive towards their colleagues. They do this in order to achieve what they want. Statistics show that more than 55% of professionals questioned mentioned being bullied by a fellow co-worker. Still, trying to fight back or bullying back is not the way to go. Best way to stop a bully is by intervening right away when the bullying begins. Then, you can focus on using positive anecdotes to diffuse them. In the event that the bully continues and/or refuses to stop, report them to your manager or bosses.



The Boundless Friend –


While it is great to make friends at work, there are limits to how far to take that friendship. Some co-workers may immediately want to be your friend and come on real strong. However, some experts warn that the first person who usually wants to be best friends at work, may not be genuine. These could be office gossipers trying to get info on you to use it against you later on. Also, it is always prudent to try and keep your boundaries at work. Some people become too friendly when hanging out for outside-of-work activities. However, if anything ever goes wrong, it can be awkward and problematic back at the office later when you see each other again.



Constant Whiner –


The bad thing about someone who constantly complains is the negativity which they bring with them. Constant whiners at the office can be depressing , annoying and ridiculous at times. The reason for this is that they usually complain about everything and anything. Most people will tend to feel sorry for complainers at first. But once they begin to see them for what they are, they quickly try to avoid them. If you don’t stay away from people like these, then you can end up being labeled a complainer as well. Keep conversations light with them and focus on solutions when speaking to them. If not, then simply say you have work to do and be on your way.



The Gossiper –


Chit-chatting at work is normal for most offices or work environments. But when people use those chats to spread gossip about fellow co-workers, beware. It is imperative to avoid gossipers and talkers at all cost. They can end up involving or mixing you up in their gossip or rumors. And logic proves that if a person gossips about someone to you, they will likely gossip about you to someone else.


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The Stubborn One –


You know the type: it is their way or else. These type of people always make it difficult for everyone since it is hard for them to be team players. Because it is very difficult for stubborn people to change their attitudes, ideas or positions, working with them can be catastrophic. Nevertheless, when you have no choice but to work with them, try using different approaches or several choices and options. Lastly, you may have to consider some compromise in order that they may feel as though they have won.