Writing Motivation: You Are A Writer Already!

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Writing is your passion. You are dedicated, motivated and inspired. You love to bring letters, words, sentences onto the paper. Expressing your opinions in a written and eloquent manner or making up scenarios, situations or whole worlds even is what you live for. When people read you work, you love to hear their feedback, praise and pleas for more.

Are you an aspiring writer?


I have some news for you: you already are one!


How To Become A Writer

When entering this exact question in Google, you’ll get about 347.000.000 hits. The first few pages are filled with tutorials, tips and advice. You can become a writer with these simple and essential tips. Do extensive exercising and practicing. You can even pay to fulfill your dream.

What they don’t tell you is that, to become a writer, you have to do something else entirely!


Open a blank notebook or a document on your computer. Grab a pen or place your hands down on the keyboard. Write or type your first letter, then word, then sentence.

You are a writer.


No matter where you stand in your writing career, this one thing is essential to realize. By putting words together and thus forming something beautiful; a love letter, a poem, the first page of a novel; you turned yourself into a writer. Of course, there is more to become a good or even excellent writer, a published and renowned one, a famous and successful writer. But you are a writer no less!


Remind Yourself – Daily

Someone may want to tell you otherwise, that putting pen to paper is not what makes you a writer. Don’t listen to them. Telling yourself what you are is a big boost for motivation and, in turn, inspiration and creativity. Just because you are still at the very beginning of your writing career does not mean that you have to sit for yourself and keep your work to yourself until you have practiced and refined your skills to match those of a Stephen King or James Petterson.

You are a new writer, but a writer no less. And the literary world needs you. Your articles, your insight, your wit, your ideas, and your individual take on different stories. Don’t hide but share, accept critic and feedback, and become better. This is your road to become good, better, excellent!


But it starts with you: a writer!

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