6 Tips For College Students On Managing Stress

Tips For College Students On Managing Stress
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They say some of our best memories usually derive from our experiences and years we spend in college. Being a student can be so much fun and challenging at the same time. The room for events that will impact our lives are countless. However, with being a college student, also comes stress and hardships. The term “Stressed Out” is often used by college students when describing how things are going for them. According to the 2015 National College Health Assessment, statistics show that students had some form of treatment due to stress. 15.8% reported about being treated by a professional for anxiety or being diagnosed with other issues in the past year alone. Another 13.1% had also been diagnosed with depression or treated for it as well.

From trying to blend in, to adapting to being away from home and maintaining their grades, the stress causing issues are endless. So how can college students cope and deal with stressful situations? These 6 tips for college students on managing stress can be very helpful.



Get Support


Nothing relieves stress better than getting support from someone. Being able to talk to a friend or family member about issues causing you stress can go a long way. Knowing someone is there for you emotionally, or any other way, can also help relieve anxiety. Plus, by you speaking to someone, you can vent your frustrations, fears and ideas. In turn, they may offer their opinion and alternatives you may not have thought about. For best results, try to use someone who won’t be too judgmental. If you do not have anyone, you can always speak to a psychologist or college counselor.


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Nothing beats back stress more than exercising. And although most people may not feel up to it since they have no motivation due to stress, it is still very important. Doing just 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity a day can reduce an enormous amount of stress from you. It will also inspire you to eat healthier and feel more energized. You can do things such as yoga, playing sports or swimming. Exercising by doing something you enjoy can guarantee that you will keep doing it regularly.



Eat Healthy & Well


If you are eating too much from the vending machine or fast food places, chances are that your body is low on energy. Junk food can leave you feeling tired and leads to eating more junk food. The results may end up being you gaining weight or losing it. Eating healthy will ensure that the nutrients and natural energy you need are always there. Plus, eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains can clear toxins from your body and create new cells.



Get Organized


One of the biggest factors for college student stress is the lack of them being organized. Not being able to keep up with deadlines, payments or any other priorities, can leave you full of anxiety and panic. You can use things such as a calendar or online scheduler to help you keep up with due dates and things pending. Also, there are people willing to help you at the career office in your school. Knowing your due dates can help you avoid leaving things to the last minute which is one of the biggest stress causing factors.



Sleep Well


With so many tempting parties and things to do in college, getting sleep can be hard for students. Or it could be that you are studying into the wee hours of the morning. Whatever the case, lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your life and overall health. In fact, depression, diabetes, obesity and other illnesses can occur from not sleeping enough hours each day. Experts recommend aligning our sleep and internal clock with the clock of the sun. Doing this can significantly improve how well rested you wake up and how many hours you sleep each day.



Write It Out


In the event that you have no one to talk to about your issues which are causing you stress, or that you really not that comfortable speaking to someone about them, write it out. Being able to put your feelings on paper can help you focus and bring forth your emotions, thoughts and fears. Keep in mind that this isn’t a college essay or a blog article, so write about anything. With that in mind, don’t correct or edit what you write so you can pour out all of your feelings into words. Being able to see your problems on paper can greatly allow to focus more on solutions, rather than the problems themselves.


One of the main reasons for most of the stress faced by college students comes from the demand require from them to adapt and change. Just try to remember that you cannot do it all in one day or at once. Listening to music, connecting with friends and family and trying not to do too much can also help you reduce stress. Also, avoid using alcohol or un-natural energy boosters as way to reduce stress.


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In addition, you can also do things like volunteer to help others around your area. By helping others, you can take attention away from your issues and see the needs of others. Often times, we are worried about not having new shoes, until we see a person with no feet.