In this information age, news consumption, especially across social media, is substantial. Throughout the day, you probably spend a lot of time reading online. However, one of the best things you can do for personal growth is – to read books. Below are a few simple suggestions on how to read more books. Up your game and become an everyday reader!

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Writing is an essential skill for students everywhere. It’s a skill that will help them far in the future. As a teacher, you can do so much to help your students to excel in writing. Here are some tips to do so.

For those that want to know how long paragraphs should be, this tutorial guide explains. Read what the required or set amount of sentences in a paragraph are. Also, if there are any grammar rules about them as well as some other useful tips.

All of us are always looking for help with better writing. These 11 great tips for improving your writing can offer insights you may not have thought about or known. Very useful tips for those who want to become better writers.

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Real helpful article showing how to use WhatsApp to learn English. Find out how you can use the popular mobile app to get better at spelling, speaking and writing English as you have fun chatting with friends and family all over the world.