If you are trying to improve your reading skills then these 6 useful apps and tools for better reading online can help. These tools are some of the best out there to help you dramatically speed up how fast you read and how well you comprehend the material.

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You won’t believe these 9 reasons why handwriting benefits our brains. See the difference in impact which writing with our hands has on us when compared to methods such as typing, texting and others. You won’t believe the benefits your mind and health.

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What do the two R’s in George R.R. Martin’s name stand for? Why did J.K. Rowling have to use initials instead of her real name? Find out all about the initial-crazy of famous authors!

Very helpful article detailing the redundancies to avoid when writing. Many examples showing why writers often make the mistake of using similar words in succession. Also, an entire list of redundant words to avoid using.

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Reference books have been there for students and pupils way before the internet – and they are still relevant now. Check out all kinds of reference books there are in case you need an “offline” and more reliable version of Wikipedia.

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