Top 10 List of The Best Selling Authors

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Many people out there love reading books and engulfing themselves in a great novel. Whether it is fiction, satire, romance or drama, the choices lets the readers decide what direction to take. That’s because books have a way of taking us into another world by letting the readers use their imagination created by the writers. But who are the best authors of the 21st century? What are the best novels of the decade? This top 10 list of the best selling authors in the world shows just who they are.




Facts About The Top Selling Author


Although a vast majority of people spend a long time watching TV or at the movies, others love to lose themselves in a book. One of the authors who takes people into the realm of unlimited frontiers with his writing is James Patterson. He is presently the top selling author in the world. The statistics are based on data compiled since January 2001 by Nielsen experts. Those stats were accumulated from the number of print volume sales. Patterson, has already sold more than 300 million copies of his Alex Cross detective books. His biggest selling title up to date is “1st to Die.”


James Patterson published his first novel back in 1976 titled “The Thomas Berryman Number.” Since then, he has penned more than 129 more novels. James, who will turn 67 on March 22, tops the list as one of the best selling authors of this decade and of the 21st century. His impact in the United States publishing industry is so vast that his books account for 1 out of every 17 hardcover sold. The author shared some of his wealth last month with local bookshops in the USA. He did so by donating more than 1 million dollars to show his support.


Other Top Selling Writers

Others on the list of the best selling authors include JK Rowling who has become very wealthy with her Harry Potter books. The success of the books were turned into Hollywood box office movie series which helped JK Rowling become even more wealthy and famous. There is also Nora Roberts, Dr Seuss and John Grisham. You can see the entire top ten list below.


Best Selling Authors In The World


  1. James Patterson – Book Title “1st to Die”


  1. JK Rowling – Book Title “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”


  1. Nora Roberts – Book Title “Red Lily”


  1. Dr. Seuss – Book Title “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”


  1. John Grisham – Book Title “A Painted House”


  1. Stephanie Meyer – Book Title “Twilight”


  1. Dan Brown – Book Title “The Da Vinci Code”


  1. Nicholas Sparks – Book Title “The Notebook”


  1. Janet Evanovich – Book Title “One for the Money”


  1. Jeff Kinney – Book Title “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

Books are great since they let us become engulfed in a story and let us fall in love with the characters. These authors who bring us these stories, provide a corridor where our imagination is only limited by their words.