9 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid Making During Job Interviews

9 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid Making During Job Interviews
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There is a very famous and important quote about how to dress for a job interview. The quote is “Dress for the job you want… not the job you have.” This saying sums up just how crucial dressing for a job you want to apply for is. These 9 fashion mistakes to avoid making during job interviews cover most of those crucial missteps. Not following them can and may end up causing you the next job interview you go on. Keep in mind that there are no second chances to make a first impression.




Avoid The Nails Blunder 


Nothing spells doom for someone looking for a job than not taking care of their nails. For men, it means keeping them clean, cut and well maintained. For women, it means avoiding using wild and crazy nail polish. Of course some men can have this rule applied to them as well. The same goes for women with really long nails. While they may look great as a fashion statement, they can keep you from being hired. Especially if the interviewer wonders if you can type with those long nails.


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Dress Appropriately:


You don’t have to necessarily wear a suit to a job interview to get the job, but it does help. Of course this all depends on the position you are applying for. If you are going for a summer job in a casual setting, then a suit may not be appropriate at all. Still, dressing too conservative is much better than being too casual. Just avoid wearing flip-flops or torned jeans or  shorts – especially for an office position. In the event that you are unsure what to wear, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer in advance.


No Short Skirts Or Shorts:


If you are a woman going on a job interview, keep in mind that short skirts are not appropriate. The hemline of your skirt should always be at the top of your knee. This will ensure a professional appearance. The same goes for wearing shorts which may be too provocative. Men should never wear shorts to an interview as well – unless it is an accepted dress code for where you will be working.


Avoid Loud Colors:


Nothing like wearing some really annoying and woeful loud colors to an interview to guarantee your demise. You don’t want to be thought of as a clown on your first impression. Neutral and solid colors always work well because they blend right in.


Over Carrying Items:


Don’t come to a job interview carrying excessive items on you. If called for, you can bring your laptop with you, if the job requires it. But avoid taking drinks and food in the interview room. Also, books that are not related to the job should also be left behind. Lastly, never ever bring your parents or friends to an interview. Those are items better left at home.


Big Headphones:


Headphones are great for letting you kill time as you wait to be interviewed. However, they are not cool to have out in the open once you are in front of the interviewer; especially big headphones. Put them away once you are inside to speak to the person in charge.


Dangling Jewelry:


Whether it’s on your ears, nose, neck or hands, avoid wearing excessive jewelry. Even more so, jewelry that dangles and makes noises as you walk or move. Anything that takes away from your skills and focuses on your appearance negatively is not recommended.


Wearing Really Tight Clothes:


Sure, skinny jeans and tight clothes look great when you are out with your friends. But wearing really tight clothing during an interview is not a great idea. It is also inappropriate. Be sure to wear clothing that makes you look professional and comfortable. And that it won’t offend the person interviewing you for the position.


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Excessive Cologne or Perfume:


Even though cologne and perfume are not apparel, they still go on your body. Wearing too much of either one can turn off a potential employer right away. Yes, smelling great is very important and shows hygiene. However, reeking excessively of your favorite perfume or cologne is not. Keep in mind that just because you love a certain fragrance or aroma, it does not mean everyone one else will. Wear just enough so only those that get really close to you can smell.