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When do I use cannot? When can not? The answer is fairly easy and simple to remember!

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Getting the right advice for how to write a love letter is all it takes to make this the perfect Valentine’s Day. These tips will help you make it a great holiday.

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There are differences between men and women with regard to language, but what are these differences? We have a look at the contrasts that have been found in the speech of male and female speakers in the past.

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There are several eBook publishers that stand above the rest when you’re looking for a way to get your book published. Review these options before you make a decision.

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Internal Monologue is essential for story writing – yet it is often misused. Check out these 5 tips and improve your writing. Get your readers emotionally invested with your characters without cutting down on action and dialogue.

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When to us in- and when to use un- is a difficult question for nonnatives of English and native speakers alike. Find out more about the distribution of these prefixes!