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Sociolinguists have studied the difference in languages across several social classes before focusing on language and gender. Some of the findings are listed here, showing that men and women indeed talk differently. The reason why this is the case is talked about briefly as well.

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Correct comma usage doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips to help you determine when you should be using a comma and when you shouldn’t.

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60+ synonyms for “to walk” – Learn how to sound more proficient and display the style of moving for your characters and descriptions even better than before!

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Understanding why English is hard to learn makes it easier to understand the frustrations you might feel when trying to learn the language.

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Metaphors and idioms are used to describe a situation or person and create a mental image in the listener’s head. Yet, there is a difference between those two! Find this and examples for both in this article.

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Knowing the rules for italics is essential if you are writing. Your writing needs to use the consistent rules that are considered standard for using italics.