This article containing 23 baby names that are banned around the world is very interesting. Find out what names are prohibited and what countries they are banned in. Some of the names on the list will make you laugh and leave you shocked.

For anyone who has trouble memorizing schoolwork or new info, then these 5 tips for remembering 90% of what you learn are a must read. Find out about helpful ways to improve how your brain absorbs and remember new data easier and quicker.

For those wondering what the top 10 languages in the world are, this list containing them will reveal it. You will not only be surprised to see which one is number one, but also about those that made the list, and those that did not.

Road sign to education and future

These statistics and reasons as to why an education is important are some that everyone needs to read. You will not believe the difference an education can make on both your happiness and life expectancy.

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Is it true? Is the printed book about to become extinct? Check out these facts and numbers and a list of advantages and disadvantages of both the printed book and the e-book!