5 Tips For Remembering 90% of What You Learn

How to remember what you learn
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If there is one problem most of us face when studying or learning new things is trying to remember everything we’ve just learned. For students in schools, staying focused can be a daunting task. Especially with so many different things to divert their attention. For others, lack of concentration or being preoccupied about something else can also stop them from absorbing all that they learn. As we get older, our brains don’t function the same as when we are young. This is even more true when it comes to absorbing new information.

Luckily, there are few things you can do to help you remember the things you want or need to. These 5 tips for remembering 90% of what you learn are very helpful. Following them will accelerate the speed in which you memorize all the info placed before you.

Connections To Older Information

One of the best ways to remember new information is by connecting it to older info you have already learned. Pre-existing knowledge you may have about any topic can assist you in relating it to new data. By connecting new threads of anything that you already know, you create a network of knowledge and understanding. This process is called ‘elaborating.’ Experts on the subject suggest that if you apply real life examples to any new information, you can remember them easier later on. If you are studying about how cold weather affects something, then use that principle. Think of how the cold air hits your face whenever you go outside and the temperature is really low.

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Use It Right Away

If you want to memorize something you’ve just learned, the best way to do so is by using that information right away. You can either teach it to someone or apply the info to something you are doing. Research shows that we remember 90% of what we learn when we use it immediately. By teaching others what you have just learned, you will be instructing your mind to retain that information to be able to pass it on. The same goes if you use it right away as well.

Make Yourself Remember

Although it is easier said than done, a great tip for memorizing things you just learned is by forcing yourself to recall it. Learning new things is hard, no question about it. But the best way to make certain you absorb what you are learning is by force. Tell yourself to remember each fact or certain ideas in what you are studying. You can use flashcards as a great way to do this. Flashcards work very well because they pressure your brain to provide an answer.

Contemplate and Reflect

Recent studies performed in a Harvard Business School showed the power of reflecting and contemplating. A group of students were learning about what it takes to be great at customer service and sales. The study had a part of the group of employees taken to a call center. Those that spent time in there had a higher percentage of memorizing what they learned than the others. In fact, they had a 22.8% higher than those who did not reflect back on their work. Reflecting on ideas pushes us to connect them to actual facts. In turn, we are forced to put more effort into what you have learned and what you are doing.

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Break Info Into Small Pieces

There are many instances where the subject or matter we are trying to learn is just too long or complexed. That makes it very difficult to absorb all of the information and actually remember it. The best way to get around this is by breaking the information down into smaller pieces. Take the most difficult parts of what you have to learn first. Break all this pieces into smaller ones and then try to memorize them a piece a time. Before long, the information will become more clear to you piece by piece.