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Regardless of the excuse you’ve used in the past for not using an online spell checker, it’s time to get past it. Spelling really does matter and you need to use an online spell checker to be sure you’re presenting yourself in the best possible light, no matter what you’re writing.

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The list of easily confused words is very long, but these are the ones that are the most often confused by people. Use this list to double check your next article and make sure that your writing looks professional, sharp, and correct! Don’t be confused about easily confused words any longer. Learn about words that are commonly misused, along with rules of when to use them.

Presenting the best of yourself is not always possible in person. You have to rely on your written testimony. Be it a resume or a cv, you have to resume your portrait in an effective resume. This powerful document has to impress hiring managers and recruiters that are buried in hundred of resumes on a daily basis. If you want yours to stand out in the crowd, you should take some extra time and create a document that can get noticed. We have compiled 20 useful tips for you to do so.

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When do you capitalize a word? Knowing your grammar seems easy at first sight, until you beginn staring at the text and thinking about the details. You can avoid confusion though if you remember some easy to follow rules for capitalization. While a correct use of capitalization will not improve your writing in general, it can improve the perception readers get of it and help to make a good impression.

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Writing numbers can be quite a challenge. One reason for all the confusion about the grammar rules for numbers is the fact that there is no specific rule. To distinguish when and how to write numbers out depende on the context. We give you some simple rules to remember when writing out numbers.

Software spelling rules

I really can’t think of any reason why an adult should get into the effort of memorizing rules with tons of exceptions. Either you know how something is spelled or you use some software to do the job. Learning spelling rules is completely meaningless for anyone who is not in the need to prevent early Alzheimer.

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Written English contains many words that are easyly mixed up. This can lead to totally different menanings in a text. If you want to avoid painful misunderstandings, you should be aware of all these “false friends” around. Especially if you are using any transcription software you definitely should look out for them.

Online Spell Checker Dictionary

The online spell checker is great to use. But if you want to increase effectiveness in your spell checking process, you need to train it. Every rule you feed the spell checker saves you time and effort in future documents. In this post we show you how to handle the online spell checker’s dictionary function.


Many acronyms sound like a sort of secret code for those who are not used to business and marketing. Some mails and conversations can become a sort of abbreviated slang for insiders that clearly marks everyone not participating in it. You should avoid two things in order not to look like an idiot: Not knowing the exact meaning of an acronym or spelling it wrong. So you should be sure about the meaning of acronyms and be sure to spell them in a correct way to join the happy family at work.