There are some simple ways to get your readers stop delaying their actions and just go on with it. Learn the three ways to induce the sense of urgency and get your audience to act today.

For those times when you need to write sympathy messages, how should you approach it so you won’t say the wrong thing? If you’re unsure about the answer then you should read this short guide on how to write condolences.

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Here are some English words that many English as Second Language (ESL) learners often mix up. It’s understandable, as some native speakers often make the same mistake. They are so similar but one acts as a noun and the other, a verb.

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Asking people out of the blue to do a favor for you rarely ends up well. Guess what? It’s the same thing with cold mailing. Not everyone is keen to do whatever random email is telling them to do. So, how do you overcome this? Is there a way for cold emailing to work?