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What’s a noun? What does it do? How can I distinguish it from other words? All these questions will be answered after reading this article. Check out what you need to know about nouns to use them properly.

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Have you ever wondered what the differences between clauses and phrases are? If so, take a look at this very useful guide which shows you many examples and details to help you tell them apart.

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This article provides a quick overview of the word classes of the English language. Get a quick overview with examples for each of the eight (sometimes nine) parts of speech we distinguish in English.

Check out this very comprehensive and useful article explaining the who or whom grammar rules. Find out which of the two words to use correctly when writing or speaking.

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Irregular verbs in English are hard to learn for non-natives, but mostly because they lack a good overview. We at give you a great overview and even practically group the verbs for you!