Bad Grammar Can Cost You Your Next Date


Find Out Why Spelling Is Important. Even In love
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Think that spelling mistakes are only important for school or work? Think again. Believe it or not, bad grammar can also cost your your next date as well. A recent study published before the Valentine’s day week had some really interesting statistics. What they revealed may leave you wondering about just how important grammar can be.





Lazy Writing Can Be Habitual

We have already established that spelling mistakes can end up hurting you when it comes to job applications and work promotions. This is because employers frown on lazy writing. Lazy writing is what most people tend to do these days when they are texting or instant messaging each other. In the rush to reply quicker, many people spell words such as right as (rite), love (luv) and later as (lata). While these may not seem like a big deal to some, the problem with lazy writing is that it can become habitual. Most users will end up doing the same with numerous other words. Cutting corners in writing can end up making you get used to incorrectly spelling words you already knew how to properly spell before.


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Correct Spelling Equals Success

These days everyone is on social media. Because of that, employees are actually checking and making hiring and firing decisions based on posting they see applicants or workers make on social media sites.
Grammar mistakes on Facebook or other sites may be acceptable to your friends and family. However, they are frowned upon by potential employers or even the current company you may be working for. Furthermore, even landing a date may become harder for you if you do not spell correctly. Recently, a member of the Grammarly team found that just two spelling mistakes on a man’s profile hurt his chances of finding a date. In fact, those with only 2 spelling errors on their profile had their chances fall by 14%. Ironically though, the spelling mistakes found on women’s profiles did not seem to impact them negatively as much as men. This may be very helpful to women since they make nearly twice as many grammar, punctuation and spelling errors per every 100 words than men do on their online dating profiles.
Still, men who tend to refer to women as “Girls” when they are writing are 28% less likely to be successful than those who write “Women” when addressing them in a text or conversation. Another interesting statistic is that men who correctly use the word “Whom” get 31% more contacts or replies from the opposite sex.


Even In Love, Spelling Counts

Women can afford to be more pickier than men when it comes to online dating since they get nearly twice as many matches than men do. They also end up receiving almost 17 times more messages or invites than their male counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean women need to be less worried about their grammar spelling than men are. Remember, some of theses statistics only apply to Online dating. In the end, both men and women rank grammar as a more important factor than confidence or other issues.


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So this means that proper grammar is no longer just something your teacher or parents demanded from you. Spelling mistakes can cost you your job or a potential position you’ve applied for. And they can even cost you a date in the future. This means you need to be more vigilant when it comes to spelling mistakes or it can cost you the chances of ever finding true love.