Why And How To Write An Accomplishment Statement

Why And How To Write An Accomplishment Statement
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There are many reasons as to why you should write an accomplishment statement for your next résumé. Apart from being one of the most integral parts of your resume, it is also one that may decide whether or not you land the job or lose it to someone else. This article covers the why and how to write an accomplishment statement for your next job interview and resume.








What Is It And Why It’s Important?


Some of you may be asking what is an accomplishment statement anyway, and why do I even need one? Accomplishment statements are the testimonials which are (and should be) included in your resume under experiences. They can be placed under the education section or as an extra part of your written account as well. These accounts highlight all of the achievements in your life which you have completed. Because of this, most employees will really take them into consideration when deciding whether to hire you or not. Having a strong accomplishment statement can make you stand out from the rest of the applicants and may help you land you the job. In fact, if you are the only person who has one in your resume from a list of other applicants, chances are, you may be the one to be hired. Of course, this all depends on the accomplishments results which you have experienced and succeeded  in your life.


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Writing A Great Accomplishment Statement


Being that accomplishment statements begin with a bullet, they are many times called bullet statements. They are also sometimes called action statements since they show an action taken place due to a situation or problem being solved. One simple term to think about when wondering how to write your accomplishment statement is by using the APR (Action + Problem/Project + Result) equation. Following this format allows you to highlight your accomplishments easily. Showing a problem, then the action and results (positive one) will undoubtedly show your future employee just how capable you are of solving problems.

For starters, every great accomplishment statement should contain at least one of the following or a combination of all:


  • The conclusions to your activities or outcomes
  • Specific skills you have learned throughout your life
  • Experiences which can be demonstrated or put forth
  • The scope or your abilities to manage activities such as budgets, units managed, size of the accounts and quantitative data


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Get Things Accomplished


Of course, the more experience you have tackling difficult issues successfully, the greater your accomplishment statement will look. For those that do not have too many achievements to write about you can do the following. For one, you can volunteer in certain places and use these experiences as part of your accomplishments. Some people actually offer to work for free in some places until they learn the ropes and gain experience. If you have a family member or friend who has a business, you can help them as well. In the long run, being able to show the employer you are capable of solving problems will go a long way. Make sure your next accomplishments are so exceptionally highlighted that they will have a hard time not offering you the position you apply for.