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Journalism isn’t journalism. There are many different genres and forms of style, the retrieval of information, methods, and fields. Get a short overview of common forms of today’s journalism.

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One of the best ways to ensure your kids will write well as adults, is to teach them to love it as kids. These writing games will get them started on the right foot.

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There is more than just fiction and non-fiction! Check out this list of literary genres and what distinguishes the individual types of literature from one another.

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Some people plagiarize on purpose – others do it completely unintentional. Avoid the latter by reading about different types of plagiarism, what is seen as plagiarism, and strategies on how to avoid it.

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60+ synonyms for “to walk” – Learn how to sound more proficient and display the style of moving for your characters and descriptions even better than before!

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Getting the right advice for how to write a love letter is all it takes to make this the perfect Valentine’s Day. These tips will help you make it a great holiday.