Use an Online Spelling Checker That is Flexible

In the world of electronic communication that we live in, it’s a good idea for you to have a good online spelling checker ready for use. Although many of us like to think that we know how to spell “everything”, the reality is that we only know how to spell… what we know how to spell. If you’ve been misspelling a word your whole life, you probably don’t know you’re always spelling it wrong.

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We’ve previously looked at some of the features of an online spelling check program that you should consider. Now we’re going to look at one of those features a little more closely: flexibility.

Now that you know that you need an online spelling checker, you need to know how to find a good one. The problem with this is that most people don’t know what they need in an online spell check tool, until they need it. However, if you need something that is different from the last time, you have to find a whole new spell checker and start from scratch to learn how to use it.

Doesn’t it make more sense to start out with an online spelling checker that is flexible enough to meet all your needs, both today, and in the future?

One of the biggest items you need in an online spell checker is flexibility. There are three different ways to check your spelling and the spell checker you decide to bookmark should have the ability to handle each of them.


Being able to have your online spelling checker check text that is already built into a web page is important to many people. This comes in especially handy if you have a website that already has a lot of material on it that has never been spell checked.

Another popular use for this feature is that you post something online and realize too late that you didn’t check it. If your spell checker has the ability to view a url, you can quickly identify if you need to fix anything or if it was ok the way it was posted.


You definitely need an online spelling checker that allows you to copy and paste text directly into the tool to check for spelling and grammar. This can be used in just about any scenario you can come up with, but it is probably used more frequently for items that are shorter in length. Important emails, the letter that goes in your holiday cards and college essays are things that can be easily copied and pasted into the online spell check tool, as long as you pick one to use that has the ability to do this.

Upload a File

Sometimes you need documents spell checked that are too long or cumbersome to handle through the copy/paste method. If you ever have items like this, you will be glad that the online spelling checker you’re used to using has the ability to accept uploaded files to check!

There are many different types of online spell checkers out there.  It makes sense to pick one that will work for all circumstances instead of having to find a new one each time you need to spell check something.