Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp NaNoWriMoAre you in need of some motivation for writing? Or do you feel like you need to escape your crazy every day life for a bit? Then we may have found the perfect thing for you: Camp NaNoWriMo


In an earlier article we have already talked about National Novel Writing Month, what the positive effects of partaking are, and how you can start your very own personal NaNoWriMo. This event takes place over the whole November, and this is where the difference to Camp NaNoWriMo lies. Take one month of your life to write a novel or collection of short stories, and start in April or July instead!


Camp NaNoWriMo

So, what is this “Camp” all about? Much like when participating in the National Novel Writing Month, you will get encouragement and motivation, support and helpful resources for your novel writing. You can thoroughly plan your novel, track the progress, and even create a community of like minded writers to exchange ideas, advice, and encouragements.


Instead of having the fixed time period of November, however, the camp-approach is a lot more open-edned, giving you the chance to really choose a time where you can concentrate on your writing. Furthermore, it’s not only about writing your 50.000 word novel. Next to Camp sessions in April and July, you can work on non-novel projects as well. Furthermore, word goals of more than 50.000 words are welcome as well.


Why “Camp”?

The camp idea behind Camp NaNoWriMo may suggest that people will have to actively come together to participate. However, it is more of an online camp that is simply there to give you the impression of a getaway environment where you can flee from every day life and stress, and meet up with like-minded people. Much like one of the summer camps you loved to go to as a kid.


Furthermore, Camp NanoWriMo gives you the opportunity to set up a so-called cabin. Up to 12 “campers” can share one cabin. Based on the preferences you select for yourself in your “Cabin settings”, you will be assigned to a cabin where you can communicate with the other Campers and share encouragement and writing tips. The assignment of the perfect cabin for you depends, among others, on your age group, genre you are writing in, and word count goal. Of course, you can also create a private cabin in which no one can be sorted into randomly. Only people you invite can join your cabin.



Motivated? Then sign up to participate in the next Camp session! It starts in July already!

But do not forget about the basic writing tips and advice, and take care that your writing has the correct grammar and spelling as well!