How to Get Rid Of Writer’s Block

Writer's Block
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It does not matter whether you are an experienced writer or someone who just started writing their first script, writer’s block can hit you any time, making you think that you were better of working that soul-sucking corporate job that made you want to pull out your hair. If the blank screen of the word processor is teasing you, and if the voice inside your head is whispering, “You just don’t have it in you” fret not, it is just writer’s block, and it happens to a lot of writers.


We have already discussed what to do when you struggle to write, but here are some more top ways that will help you get rid of the dreaded writer’s block.


If You Are Writing A Story, Think About Your Characters

When you are just starting out on writing a story, every plot point can be difficult to lay out, since it is the early stages of the writing process. It takes a couple of fresh drafts to get the story going somewhere. Now when you are stuck on a plot twist or how you are going to evolve the story line, step back and focus on the characters. Your characters will not change with each draft; they will become just a little more consistent each time.


Get Rid of Distractions

The key to productivity and success has always been eliminating distractions. Even though they are everywhere, the good news is that you can recognize them as problematic points in your process of writing. So if you really decide to make an effort against distractions, you will find that you have no choice but the desire to think about your story and nothing else.


Make Use Of Free Association Exercises

This is one way that allows you to naturally let your idea develop. Most of the time, it is used to help prevent writers block, but more than that, it is used to make sure that a person does not suffer from writers block in the first place.


The exercises that you can use include setting a short amount of time like ten minutes. After that, pick out a plot line and just spew out every word and sentence that you can think of, it does not matter if it doesn’t sound that great to you. Your goal at the moment should be to write for ten minutes without stopping.


Watch a Video Or the Season Finale of Sherlock All Over Again

Watch anything you like and make sure that you think about what you are seeing. The idea is to catch inspiration from anything. Because once you find yourself mesmerized by an idea, the words are bound to follow faster than you might be able to write.



Anything that inspires you works. If you cannot write, read. And soon the wheels of inspiration will start turning in your head, churning out winning ideas and epic narratives. If reading the usual stuff doesn’t work, try picking up something outside your comfort zone. There is a ton of fanfic online just waiting to be read by literally anyone. Who knows? You may just feel like adapting to new genres and ways of writing.


Write about How Much You Hate Writer’s Block

This is the best thing you can do at the moment, since writer’s block has you thinking about it, start writing about it, as you flow through it you will be surprised how easily you stumble on to new ideas.