10 Tips For Preparing And Passing Standardized Tests

10 Tips For Preparing And Passing Standardized Tests
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One of the most difficult and stressful times for students, is preparing for taking a standardized test. It doesn’t really matter what grade the student may be in, preparing correctly is the key to passing. There are several different types of standardized test such as the GRE, MCAT, SAT, ACT. These are just some of the many other tests which students are given  now. No matter which one you are taking, these 10 tips for preparing and passing those standardized tests can help you.


Studying Is Key

This may go without saying, but trying to pass any kind of test, no matter what it is for, will not happen if you don’t study for it. Too many people make the mistake of waiting until the last minute or the day before the actual test, to study or prepare for it. Spending hours cramming for a test the night before, or hours before the test is supposed to take place ,is something you should avoid. Spending at least one or two hours a day, during the course of a few weeks, will actually be more effective. It will also give you and your mind, the ability to grasp more information and store it for the test.


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Take Time To Practice

We have all heard the saying of “Practice makes perfect.” The truth is that when it comes to preparing for a test, this is actually very true. The more time you take to practice for your test, the more familiar you will become with the test’s format. Taking time to practice will also help you be more ready, and because of that, you will be less likely to panic. Lastly, practicing can give you an opportunity to find, and get rid of any bad habits, which often lead to errors. For best results, take the practice tests under the same realistic testing conditions, as you would the real one.


Avoid Alcohol, Drugs or Partying

One of the worst things you can do the night before or on the day of your test, is to drink alcohol or party. While spending time with some friends or fraternizing may help you relieve stress, drinking alcohol or using drugs before a test, will likely lead you to fail. It is often difficult for people who spend the night before a test drinking and partying, to not wake up with a hangover. Most hangovers, consists of headaches and other symptoms which won’t allow you to fully concentrate. Wait until after the test has been taken, to celebrate or party if you need to do so.


Learn How The Test Will Be Scored

Before you take any tests, you should find out everything you can about how it will be scored. Questions such as how much time you will have to solve and answer each problem, or if you will be penalized for incorrect answers, are important to know. Also, if test may be a digital one, find out if you will be allowed to go back and review your answers. Digital tests are different, as opposed to those taken with a pen, pencil, and paper.


Get A Good Night’s Sleep

If you waited until the last minute to study for your test, chances are that you will end up staying up all night cramming for it. However, not getting a good night’s sleep will vastly hurt your chances of passing. Lack of sleep can affect your performance in several ways. Our brains tend to be tired or unable to focus when not rested. In fact, lack of sleep greatly impairs reasoning, concentration, alertness, attention, and most of all, problem solving. All of these, are some of the most important tools which you need to make sure you do well.


Dress Comfortably

While this may seem like a minute detail, not wearing clothes you are comfortable in during a test can make you lose focus. If the shirt, jeans, or outfit you are wearing are too tight, you could end up losing a few precious minutes adjusting the outfit or thinking about it. Being comfortable during a stressful situation, always produces the best possible results.


Eat Right

On the day of the test, make sure you eat a healthy, and protein-rich meal. If it is during the morning, a good breakfast is key to helping you do well on the test. The last thing you want is to be hungry during the testing phase.


Visit The Bathroom

Another great tip to follow for a testing situation, is making sure you visit the bathroom at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to the test. You do not want to lose time by having to go during the actual test. At the same time, make sure you avoid drinking water or other beverages at least an hour before the test takes place. Having a full bladder, can actually affect your overall concentration.


Do Not Panic

For most people taking a test, stress and anxiety can lead to incorrectly answering questions. In addition, getting too anxious if you feel you don’t know the answers, can also lead you to panic. In the event that you begin to get too anxious, take deep, slow breaths. If you start to struggle with a certain question, move on to the next and come back to it later. Tell yourself that you prepared for this test and are ready.


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Pace Yourself

Try to calculate and remember how much time you have to answer each question in the test. This means you should avoid spending too much time on just one question. Also, avoid worrying about others who may end up finishing before you. fact is that those people that are really smart, know that they should always check and double-check their answers and work.