How To Keep A Free Service Free


Online Spellcheck is a completely cost-free service. This is only one of many advantages of the profound, multi-language spellchecking service we can provide, together with your personal dictionary (for registered users), exporting results as documents, and more.


How can a website like ours sustain itself? Are ad blockers threatening free web services like this online spellchecker? Read more to find out.

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So, how do free services pay their bills? Most do so by displaying advertisements on their websites. These can be provided by Google (adsense) or other advertisement providers.


And that’s it. Many services do not require more than a simple ad banner on the side. This is a rather low price for a completely free service, isn’t it?


But What about Ad Blockers?


This is where ad blockers come into play. They can be added to basically any browser and prevent websites from showing ads. This, naturally, takes away this way of making money for the ones providing the free web service.


Many websites, such as news outlets, thus resorted to rather drastic measures. They show a big pop up that prevents you from seeing the content. They then ask you to disable your ad blocker. Otherwise, their content will remain inaccessible for you.


We at Online Spellcheck did not want to do that! We believe that everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to use an ad blocker or not.


However, knowing what you know now, maybe you should consider using ad blockers everywhere. Excessive usage may reduce the number of free services on the web since they need at least some way to cover server, development, maintenance, etc. costs. How can you support cost-free services? There are actually different ways:

  • Consider making a donation
  • Share their great service with friends and spread the word
  • Or simply disable your ad blocker