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What’s an ellipsis? And how do I use it? Find out in this blog entry about the three-dot punctuation mark. Examples will help you to understand where, why, and how an ellipsis should be used.

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It’s easy to use the apostrophe correctly! Just follow these simple rules and refer to the examples when in doubt. Forming plural, contractions, and showing possession will never be a problem for you again.

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How to properly use thou, thee, thy, and thine? We have the answers. No matter if Shakespeare or clever memes, you will be prepared!

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If you need to learn to write in English, the important first step is to develop the plan. This is the plan you should start with.

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When to use a semicolon? And when not to use one? Those questions come easy when you look at a few examples of how and why semicolons are used the way they are.

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Sociolinguists have studied the difference in languages across several social classes before focusing on language and gender. Some of the findings are listed here, showing that men and women indeed talk differently. The reason why this is the case is talked about briefly as well.

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60+ synonyms for “to walk” – Learn how to sound more proficient and display the style of moving for your characters and descriptions even better than before!

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Understanding why English is hard to learn makes it easier to understand the frustrations you might feel when trying to learn the language.

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Metaphors and idioms are used to describe a situation or person and create a mental image in the listener’s head. Yet, there is a difference between those two! Find this and examples for both in this article.

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When do I use cannot? When can not? The answer is fairly easy and simple to remember!