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There are differences between men and women with regard to language, but what are these differences? We have a look at the contrasts that have been found in the speech of male and female speakers in the past.

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When to us in- and when to use un- is a difficult question for nonnatives of English and native speakers alike. Find out more about the distribution of these prefixes!

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Sometimes, there are different ways of spelling a word in English. But in many cases, there is only one valid spelling for a word, resulting in a misspelled word if violated. The spelling of words can easily be learned, yet there are still cases where we are just confused. Find out about the most common causes of misspellings here.

Words that sound exactly the same but have completely different meanings, they can turn out to be a real mess when writing. Worse, those words that are pronounced equally and mean different things also are spelled in a different way. Let’s have a deeper look at the differences betwen “there”, “their” and “they’re”.

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Everybody has an opinion and everyone likes to tell the world about it. But when it comes to writing things down, sometimes a thing like an invisible wall seems to appear that draws you back from sitting down to write. If that happens, you can use a writing prompt to help you overcome the writers block.

There is no excuse in not using an online spell checker to check your writings. After taking the time to write something down, it would be madness not to check it before sending it out. Still there are people who think they don’t need a spell checker. But they’re wrong.

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The list of easily confused words is very long, but these are the ones that are the most often confused by people. Use this list to double check your next article and make sure that your writing looks professional, sharp, and correct! Don’t be confused about easily confused words any longer. Learn about words that are commonly misused, along with rules of when to use them.