Why You Should Be Writing Your Family History Right Now

Image by Caleb Roenigk http://bit.ly/1T88waP
Image by Caleb Roenigk http://bit.ly/1T88waP

If you are the sort of person who has done their research or have at some point found yourself interested or even intrigued by the record of your ancestry, then you just might benefit from indulging yourself wholeheartedly and begin writing about your family’s history.You may be aware on the rules of how to write your family history, here are the reasons of why you should do it right now.

You Will Feel Wiser On A Lot Of Topics

In 2014, one-third of online adults used the internet to learn about their families. In an online survey, 67% of the researchers claimed that knowing about the lives of their ancestors made them feel a lot wiser as a person, 72% of them also said that they felt they were a lot closer to their older relatives. 52% of these people said that they had actually come to discover ancestors that they had never known about.

A Compiled Record of Family History is an important historical document

The reason for this is extremely simple. Doing your research wherever possible and compiling the lot will help your descendants when they decide to take an interest. The novelty of these stories can be viewed by the person who is going through them or hearing them for the very first time.

If You Have Things To Pass On To Your Children, You Better Start Writing Now

If you are a person of importance and know that you can leave by important historical documents then you are doing a service to the community as well by leaving behind a legacy. It does not matter how big or how small it is, individual voices from the past are valuable things instead of someone else’s assumed version.

You Never Know How You And Your Family Are Important To So Many People

You never know how one life can touch so many. We have the screening of It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas to prove that. People will want to research your link to so many others in the future. So leave by something they can get their hands on.

Family Trees Are Names and Faces

Stories and bios add a lot of depth into what went on in the lives of people. The important decisions and the things that they lived on after their death, that stuff matters. On the other hand, all you may be able to get from a family tree or a list of names are the years they were born and the dates they died.

Once you are done penning everything down, you might want to send it in for spelling and grammar check; this way anything you have overlooked can be corrected.

Excerpt 1:

There are many reasons why one should pen down their family history. It is not just an interesting hobby or to pass the time; you can actually be leaving a legacy.

Excerpt 2:

Writing your family history is not an obsessive compulsive thing to do, there are plenty of practical advantages that can be had to more than one person in the future by what you put together.

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