How to Make Your Writing More Interesting

Make Your Writing More Interesting
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When you’re writing for a blog or website, the first thing you must absolutely make sure is the content is informative. However, If you know how to make your content informative AND interesting, you can get anything you want. Whether it’s more sales, more subscribers, or more leads – you can have them all.


So, how do you make your writing more interesting? Read on to find out.


Write in first person

Imagine that you’re having a conversation with your audience. Use the first person “I” or “We” when referring to yourself. When your readers feel like you’re conversing with them, they will put more attention to what you’re about to say.


Don’t be shy to ask questions too. You do that when you’re talking with your friends, right?


Tell a story

Don’t just “report” the story. Place the reader on the scene and let them experience what you’re trying to tell them.


Your story should relate to your audience. What are their wants and needs? What problems do they need to overcome? What goals do they want to accomplish? Put yourself in their shoes and let them know that you understand.


Include images

Not everyone is an avid reader who can focus on black-and-white text for pages on end. Images are handy to help break a wall of text. A good image can also help illustrate your points and support your arguments.


Whatever it is you’re writing, you should slip in at least one high-resolution image. If you don’t have the budget to buy stock photos, you can search for royalty-free images. Just make sure you credit the owner; It’s the right thing to do.


Include videos

Just like images, videos are also excellent to break the monotony of text. However, even more than images, videos can substantially add the depth of your content.


For instance, if you are writing about improving home air quality, you can embed videos explaining the type of houseplants that are excellent for absorbing volatile organic compounds (VOC). You don’t even have to make the video yourself. Find a Youtube video with plenty of thumbs up and you’re good to go.


Adding a video also keep your visitors on the same page longer. Search engine loves it for it’s a good indicator of how enticing a web page is. In short, videos make your content more interesting for both humans and engines. How cool is that?


Sprinkle some humor

When you read your writing aloud and it sounds dull, it’s time to add humor to the mix. Do your best to keep the puns, jokes, or anecdotes clean and family-friendly. However, you should not overthink whether your jokes will offend someone.


It’s 2018; You can offend people simply by existing.


Do note that you should avoid humor if you’re writing for business purposes like a b2b website. There are exceptions, of course, but the general rule is that people don’t want to do business with clowns. Keep everything formal just to be safe. Also, make sure that you proofread your writing from the first paragraph to the last. You could lose potential clients when your writing is full of spelling or grammar mistakes.