5 Easy Tips for Writing Better Headlines

Better Headlines
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Writing good content is not even half of the battle. You need a catchy headline to lure people into reading your content. If you can’t get people’s attention using a click-worthy headline, very few are ever going to read your masterpiece.


With billions of people relying on search engines to find the website they want, writing catchy headline is a skill worth to master. Lame headlines don’t get the clicks.


Now, here are five easy steps to write better headlines.

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Use numbers

Adding numbers to headlines work well no matter which medium you use. You’ve seen magazines and newspapers did it for years. Now, you see it all over the internet. It simply works


If you’re writing tips or how howtos, using a number in the headline is just a natural thing to do. Whenever possible, avoid overly used numbers like 10 or 3. Too many “Top 10” and “Top 3” articles littering the internet already. Try using obscure numbers like 17 or 8 whenever possible. It sets you apart from other number-using headlines.


Use adjectives

You need to attract your potential readers emotionally. Using adjectives for your headlines is a great way to do just that. To make your life easier, here are 17 powerful adjectives for you to use:

  1. best
  2. easy
  3. effortless
  4. epic
  5. essential
  6. excellent
  7. fantastic
  8. free
  9. kickass
  10. killer
  11. mindblowing
  12. ridiculous
  13. simple
  14. unbelievable
  15. ultimate
  16. useful
  17. valuable

Obviously, there are many more adjectives you can use, but those 17 are great starting points.


Ask questions

Never ask questions with obvious answers or questions that can be answered with a simple “Yes” or “No”. Instead, ask questions that provoke the readers and pique their curiosity. Here are some examples:



  • Can eating too much sugar make you fat?
  • Is smoking bad for your health?


  • Where are the best places to propose?
  • How does an air purifier clean the air?


Promise something

What will your readers get after reading your article? Will they learn the secret of eternal youth? Will they be able to save $5,000 on their mortgage? State your promise upfront where it cannot be missed.


Be different

It’s always a good idea to see what everyone else in your industry is doing and try to be different. For example, if you’re in the life insurance business and everyone seems to employ fear tactics like this:

“Are you dying of cancer?”

Or this :

“Can your children survive a week when you die tomorrow?”


You should try and go with more positively-toned headlines like these:

“What is the best life insurance for parents of two?”

Or this:

“Where can you get $100,000 life insurance coverage for $0.60 a day?”


Okay, those are five easy tips to make your headline catchier. We certainly hope that you don’t stop here. Use those tips right now and start making attention-grabbing headlines.


One more thing, before you publish the article, check it thoroughly. If it’s littered with spelling mistakes, your article will not convince the readers no matter how good the headline is.

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