Everything You Should Know About Headlines

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What do you need for your blog article to get the right exposure? Exactly: a catchy headline!

Of what worth is great content if you do not grab the attention from your readers? Casual readers, people that browse the Google News section, or your followers on social media, they all get drawn – or repelled – to your blog post or article by it’s headline. It’s the first thing people see (along with a preview picture if you added one) and thus, your headline must be stunning!


But how do you create a title or headline for your article that makes people want to read it? We have gathered some tips and tricks for you in earlier blog entries. Here you can find them summed up for your convenience:


The Perfect Headline

What types¬†of headlines are there and which is the best for your kind of content? We answered these questions. But that’s not all. We also provide you with some keywords that you may want to keep in mind when creating your headline or title for it to attract and engage as many readers as possible.


Formulate The Perfect Headline In 5 Steps

That’s pretty straight forward, isn’t it? Follow the 5 steps described in the article and turn your working title into a perfect and representative headline for your blog article.


40 Examples For The Perfect Headline

You know about all kinds of headlines now, and you know how to create an enticing one step by step. On top of that, we give you these 40 examples – or rather: templates – that make creating a headline even easier. Use the templates of headlines used all over the net and other media to get a feel for what the perfect headline should be like.