Do We Still Send Memos Now?

Image by Tatsuo Yamashita

We all live in a busy world now and it has become imperative that we stay in touch with what is happening around the world. There are so many digital platforms now and so many different devices and gadgets that it can be extremely exhausting to remember what is going on. Getting used to this fast paced life can be demanding, and with so many different mediums of communication that it can be difficult to find one that works for you. So in all this, whatever happened to memos? Those friendly little easy to remember reminders that ensured that you were able to accomplish all your tasks throughout the day and if you could easily stay on top of the things that you have planned for the day.


Memos were extremely popular and with good reason, since they were easy to make and a simple memo didn’t require you to login into different gadgets as well. It could be written down or simply emailed to remind the company or your clients about meeting certain deadlines or to finish the tasks for the day. Not only are memos efficient but extremely cost effective as well, not to mention that they are easy to keep track of and can be sent to multiple recipients at one time.


So in this fast changing world, where decisions need to be made every minute and every second counts, do we still need memos? The answer is a resounding yes for most companies and businesses who still depend on memos for meeting their every day needs. So let’s check out some of the reasons why we still need to send memos now:


Company Policy Changes

Whenever a company changes its policy it will affect the entire organization and the best and most professional way to deliver that news in a fast and appropriate manner is through memos. Not only is it formal and to the point, but it can be sent to all the employees in the business simultaneously.



One of the best means of announcing something important to employees is through memos. These memos are great for building rapport with the employees and can be sent to new employees to welcome them to the organization or to make special announcements such as holiday breaks and special promotions. These memos are incredibly efficient in delivering news of all types and the best part is that they always remain professional and demand attention.


Action Request

Whenever the management needs to make a special announcement or a request from its employees a memo is the best way to break the news. They not only grab the attention but also ensure that the request is given the importance that it requires from the employees.



One of the best uses of memos is to serve as reminders and that is why they are so frequently used by individuals and businesses alike. They can remind you about a task that needs to be accomplished and it can be saved to popup at a later date to ensure that you stay on top of thing and connected with the rest of the world no matter how busy you may get.